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    Facing a criminal charge is one of life’s most challenging events. You don’t have to face it alone. Having an experienced advocate on your side can make the difference between a great outcome or long-term, devastating consequences.

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  • Representing Clients Throughout Southeastern Washington State

    Based out of Walla Walla, Washington I help clients throughout Southeastern Washington State including: Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin, Benton, Franklin, Adams, Yakima, and Klickitat counties.

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  • Experience Matters

    I focus on representing people accused of crimes in Walla Walla and throughout Southeastern Washington state. I help clients fight charges from misdemeanors to serious and complex felonies. I am proud of the fact that I regularly receives referrals from colleagues, prosecutors and judges – people to who see my work day in and day out and trust me to fight for their friends and family.

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Free Consultation

This website is a great place to start your research if you have been charged with a crime. However, nothing beats a conversation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to talk about the specifics of your case. I offer a free consultation so I can give you a better understanding of the criminal charge you are facing and what your options might be. If it isn't a case I can help you with – I can usually point you in the direction of someone who can.

Experience That Matters

I have spent over twenty years fighting for people accused of crimes throughout Washington state. Focusing focusing my practice as a criminal defense attorney has allowed me to gain a deep knowledge of the criminal justice system and Washington criminal laws.

I have represented people accused of everything from minor crimes to serious and complex felony charges. I also represent clients in protection order hearings and students in school discipline actions.  

Experience Throughout Washington State

I began my private criminal defense practice in Seattle after graduating from the University of Washington School of Law. In 2018, I relocated with my family to my hometown of Walla Walla and opened up a small criminal defense law firm. I now represent clients facing criminal charges throughout Southeastern Washington including: Walla Walla, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia, Benton, Franklin, Adams, Whitman, Klickitat and Yakima counties and various other jurisdictions.

Respected by Colleagues, Prosecutors and Judges

I am proud of the fact that I regularly receive referrals from colleagues, prosecutors and judges – people who see my work and trust me to fight for their friends and family.

In addition to helping clients fight criminal charges, I have participated in shaping criminal justice policy in Washington state as the Legislative Committee Co-Chair for the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  In that role, I wrote legislation, fought to make sure our laws protect the constitutional rights of people accused of crimes and are fair and proportional, and supported evidence-based policies that actually worked to make our communities safer and our justice system fairer for all.

No Pressure

Choosing an attorney is a big decision and one you must make carefully – not under pressure. I will never try to “hard sell” you into hiring me. An effective attorney-client relationship requires communication and trust – I want to make sure I am the right attorney for you and your case. If I am not the right fit, I can help you find someone who is.

Reasonable and Flexible Fees

You may be concerned about the cost of legal representation. During your free consultation we will be able to discuss the specifics of your circumstances and talk about fees and costs. 

I work hard to keep my fees reasonable for my clients. As a small office I am able to keep expenses low and avoid passing those costs on to my clients. I am also happy to discuss a payment plan with you.

Recent Case Results

  • Client charged with DUI. Case reduced to reckless endangerment. Client avoided any license suspension or CDL disqualification due to result. Read On

  • Case dismissed. Client charged with several hunting violations. Read On

  • Case dismissed. Client charged with hit and run unattended. Read On


  • No Pretense

    Patricia answered the phone when I first called. No pretense. Easy to get an appointment. Clear concise information on what was needed to work through what was an entirely new territory to navigate. Patricia shed a positive light on what felt like was an extremely dim difficult situation. Co-work... Read On

  • Excellent Service and Support

    Patricia is professional, knowledgeable, well connected and efficient. She helped me navigate an arduous situation and not only got me the best result possible, but also helped me close out the issue years later. She is best in class. Read On

  • 2nd offense DUI

    At the time of my offense, I met with Patricia thinking my life as I knew it had just ended, being a business executive. She not only helped me out of my situation on this my second offense. She exceeded my expectation with a final sentence of 1 day in jail, an alcohol treatment evaluation, and m... Read On


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Below are some of my specific areas of practice. If you don't see your type of case listed or are not sure what exactly you are dealing with, give me a call! I am happy to chat with you and see if it is something I can help with.










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