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Well I actually just got out of court about an hour ago and I just want to say that Patricia is absolutely amazing! I have been charged with a DV assault 4 that was absolutely bogus in the first place, but I personally care about my future and was not going to have this monkey on my back forever so I lawyered up with the best and the outcome was the best you can get considering the charges. Patricia is an excellent attorney with tons of exp and she treated me with great respect and kindness thorough my case. She got my case handled in about 2mo from start to end which for me is very important since I am personally allergic to courts, with that said I would recommend her to anyone that can relate to my case as she is top of the line. The price was reasonable as well and let's be honest “you get what you pay for” so if you want to go cheap then expect to get dominated in court and especially Eastside/Redmond Court District. 
Patricia, YOU ROCK!!! Thank you very much for saving my hide.

– Anonymous

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