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Lawyer with Integrity (at least one exists). Highly Recommend! There's a reason she's rated a 10!

If you're searching for a lawyer, just stop and pick her! I RARELY write reviews, but choosing a lawyer is not anything fun, or easy, or fast. However, I would highly recommend Patricia for your case. She was honest w/me, and firm, which I respect.

Quick summary: this was basically my second DUI, and my last lawyer did nothing (saw him once), so I was in some trouble. I tried to be cheap on my first lawyer, and it ended up showing the second time around. The minute I met Patricia, I felt comfortable and secure that I was in good hands. Basically, those impressions stuck through to the end. I ended up getting the minimum sentence (I had a mandatory plea deal through my first), but I was very relieved to hear that's all I got.

Honestly, she may be a bit more expensive, but she was only a small price higher than my previous lawyer, and the outcome was great (well, as good as it could have been). Hiring a lawyer to save some money will end up costing you down the line; not only money, but stress as well.

The thing I respected most about Patricia was that I admitted that I needed help when I went to go see her. However, once things were a little better, I said maybe I didn't. BUT, she was firm with me and helped me be honest w/myself. She has a lot of integrity and cares about her clients.

In any case, I'm 3+ years sober now, living the best years of my life, and I can honestly say that choosing Patricia is part of that reason!

Patricia will help you make the best of a bad situation, especially if you're willing to try a bit as well.

Thanks again

– Anonymous

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