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Reckless Driving Charge

When we initially met with Patricia regarding our 18 year old son's Wreckless Driving infraction, she initially told us that her goal was to get it reduced to a Negligent (non felony) charge. Given his young age at the time, we felt that was a very reasonable expectation. Well, Patricia went SO FAR ABOVE AND BEYOND on our son's behalf!! She was able to get him on a two year probation period where if he could go two years without incurring any moving violations, his Wreckless Driving charge would be dropped!

This is a classic case of a good person making a terrible decision and he learned from his mistake, but because of the amazing job that Patricia did on his behalf, this mistake will not follow him into his future. I HIGHLY recommend her and will continue to tell all of my friends about her and how hard she fought on my son's behalf.

– Anonymous

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