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I visited Patricia last year after getting pulled over for a DUI. As a benefit to my employment with a large corporation, I have a group legal plan that entitles me to (almost) free legal representation through a certain set of attorneys. After consulting with 3 different lawyers who were part of my group plan, I decided instead to visit with a more experienced attorney like Patricia. 
I am very happy that I did this. She was able to guide me through the entire legal process and educated me along the way. She was always responsive in returning my telephone calls and helped me feel at ease when I just felt like panicking. Patricia always had words of encouragement when I felt like I had no options. 
Patricia knows how to navigate the system very well and I felt as though I had an ace up my sleave. She explained all of my options, explained the risks and let me make the decisions through the entire process. I highly recommend her if you are facing a DUI charge in Washington state.

– Anonymous

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