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Absolute Expert Regarding DUI Guidance and Defense

To the freighted, confused, berated, or even guilty – please read as you will find solace:

Attorney, Patricia Fulton expertly studied and handled my DUI case ensuring the best possible guidance and resolution. She is has a very sharp mind and sizes-up a situation with a deft, wait-and-see approach, while weighing all aspects as time allows.

I put my faith in her abilities and she did not let me down, especially with regards to DUI related technical assessments, expert witnesses, (I am one, and can attest that she is especially associated with competent, viable expert support) and Washington State DOL, and related criminal citations and defense.

If you choose to work with Patricia, you will find a sincere, bright, competent, attorney, one who is ethically grounded, and willing to ask the tough questions. If you work hard for her, she will work even harder for you! Patricia is a real champion in her field.

You will be doing yourself a disservice, if you do not at least consult with her, and I am most grateful that I did.

– Daniel

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