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I was arrested for DUI on a weekend in early March of 2008. It was a second DUI, so I was in legal territory that was unfamiliar to me. I was in crisis, and was anticipating that my personal and professional lives would be disrupted in catastrophic ways. In short, I was afraid.

The next day I was researching the penalties for a second DUI in Washington State when I was lucky enough to find the Burg Attorneys website ( It seemed that every search I did on mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines led to their informative and thorough site. I took this as a reliable cue that Burg Attorneys was a quality firm. Later that evening I called the number given on the website to schedule a consultation (206.467.2607). I spoke to Geoffrey Burg, who helped me schedule a free 60-minute consultation with attorney Patricia Fulton for the following afternoon.

By the time I met with Patricia the next day, I had managed to worry myself into a very unpleasant mental state. She was patient with my multiple questions, and she clearly outlined what my options were, what I could expect, and what I needed to do to make my legal position as favorable as possible. I was given concise, easy-to-follow printed materials that would assist me with the preparation of my case in the weeks to come–most useful was a detailed “To Do List” (alcohol evaluation, alcohol treatment, DUI victim panel, arrest narrative, Department of Licensing hearing, etc.). Patricia was also completely transparent about the matter of payment: a reasonable one-time flat fee. She even advised me to meet with other attorneys in the area before making a final decision. I felt much calmer and in control of my legal situation after I left her office. I took the rest of that evening to consider my options, and then called her the following day to say I wanted her to represent me. I was able to pay the fee over the phone.

In the weeks and months after that I had many questions about each stage of my case, and Patricia was always very prompt and thorough in her responses. I asked most of my questions via e-mail, but I had the impression that she would have been equally responsive if I had called her office. In court she was always informative and/or reassuring as necessary, and I also observed that she has collegial professional relationships with many other defense attorneys in the Seattle area. She is also familiar with the idiosyncrasies of many judges in the region–this proved useful more than once. Most importantly, Patricia has a broad and deep knowledge of not only the profession of law but also current trends and developments in law. This was crucial to the positive outcome of my case.

Ultimately, my second DUI charge was reduced to Reckless Driving, the consequences of which are substantial but not nearly as personally disruptive as those for a second-offense DUI. I was also able to maintain deferred prosecution status for my first DUI, for which I am extraordinarily grateful.

Patricia Fulton's legal representation has made my life much simpler than it could have been had I chosen a less skilled attorney. Her professional knowledge and understanding of ongoing developments in the legal climate make her an invaluable guide through the rocky terrain of Washington State DUI law. I highly recommend this superb attorney.

– Tim O.

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