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Hiring A Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can be an uncertain and intimidating process.  How do you know who is the right attorney for you and your case?  I have put together a list of things to consider when hiring an attorney for your criminal charge. 

Experienced: The best lawyer for you is one who is experienced as a criminal defense lawyer and who is experienced with your specific situation.  Because I limit my practice to representing people accused of crimes in Washington state, it is likely I have handled hundreds of cases very similar to yours. 

Well Trained: The best lawyer for you is one who makes an effort to stay up to date on issues that may affect your case and is always looking to improve their skills as an advocate.  While all lawyers must attend a minimum number of continuing legal education credits to remain licensed, I regularly go above and beyond this minimum to make sure I have the tools I need to fight hard for my clients and win.

In addition to attending many hours of CLE training – because of my experience and reputation as a Washington State criminal defense attorney I am regularly asked to present at CLE courses and train other lawyers.

Excellent Reputation: The best lawyer for you is one who is respected by other professionals in the legal system and community.  A well respected attorney is taken seriously by judges and opponents which translates to great results for my clients and often a more efficient resolution of their case.  I am proud of the reputation I have in the legal community and the fact that I regularly receive referrals from prosecutors, judges, members of law enforcement, and other lawyers.   

Involvement in the Legal Community: Any lawyer can write a check and join a legal organization and bar associations. The best lawyer for you is one who actively participates in organizations that help shape the judicial system and fight for the rights of people accused of crimes.  

Professional and Reliable: The best lawyer for you will treat you with respect, promptly reply to your questions, and give you honest and accurate information. I strive to treat each client the way I would like to be treated in their shoes. I work hard to respond quickly (usually within 24 hours) to all phone calls and emails, arrive on time and prepared for all meetings and court appearances, and to effectively provide all the information you will need to make good decisions about your case.

Personality: The best lawyer for you is one whose personality and practice style are a good fit for you.  While any lawyer should be organized and diligent – all lawyers have different styles and approaches to their work. It is important that you feel comfortable with your lawyer and feel you can trust them.  I am happy to meet with you in person to discuss your situation which is the best way to determine if we are a good fit.  Contact me for a free consultation.

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