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Case Results

  • State of Washington v. D. E.

    Client charged with DUI. Case reduced to reckless endangerment. Client avoided any license suspension or CDL disqualification due to result. Read On

  • State v. B. H.

    Case dismissed. Client charged with several hunting violations. Read On

  • State v. L. L.

    Case dismissed. Client charged with hit and run unattended. Read On

  • State v. D. P.

    Case dismissed. Client charged with hunting violation. Read On

  • City of Walla Walla v. E. P.

    Case Dismissed. Client charged with domestic violence assault. Due to proof problems with the case and client’s lack of history prosecutor agreed to a dismissal if client has no further arrests. Read On

  • State of Washington v. L. R.

    Felony possession of cocaine charge reduced to a gross misdemeanor without jail. Prosecutor agreed to a reduction of the case to a minor gross misdemeanor charge with no jail due to legal issues with the case and mitigating information in client’s support. Read On

  • Petitioner v. Respondent

    Clients had been dealing with escalating harassment by a neighbor.  Helped client prevail in court and get an order to stop the harassment.  Read On

  • State of Washington v. A. S.

    All charges dismissed. Client charged with a felony and several misdemeanor domestic violence offenses.  All charges were dismissed shortly prior to trial due to the State's inability to proceed. Read On

  • State of Washington v. A.P.

    Sex offense reduced to non-sex offense misdemeanor. Juvenile client accused of a sex offense that, if convicted, would have required sex offender registration. Through negotiations charge was reduced to a non-sex offense misdemeanor which will be dismissed after client complies with a brief period of probation. Read On

  • City of Snohomish v. S. M.

    Not Guilty at Trial. Client charged with hit and run and second offense driving while under the influence.  Client found not guilty at trial of both charges. Read On

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